May 19, 2023

Megan Hayward - Podcast Producer

Megan Hayward - Podcast Producer
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Ahead of Podcast Show London on 24th/25th May, we’re running a series of short daily podcasts with a variety of people in the podcast industry.

Today’s episode is with Megan Hayward - Podcast Producer at editaudio

We talk about what encouraged Megan to pursue a career in podcasting, her work as a podcast producer and how she finds working as part of a team that’s based on both sides of the Atlantic.

We also discuss the impact of AI in podcast production and what talks she’s looking forward to seeing at the Podcast Show.

You can find Megan on Twitter: she is also one of PodPod’s faces to watch 

More about editaudio: 

More details about Podcast Show London: and editaudio’s founder Steph Colbourn will be taking part in the Ask The Experts stage:  

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