Dec. 12, 2022

Joz Norris, Cerys Bradley and Stu Goldsmith Edinburgh Fringe Insights

Joz Norris, Cerys Bradley and Stu Goldsmith Edinburgh Fringe Insights

In this episode I speak to 3 performers about their experiences at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe.

We discuss a wide range of areas around performing at the Fringe such as:

  • Length of run - is doing the whole month some heroic effort that is in itself part of the attraction of doing a run in Edinburgh
  • Pricing - Pay what you want vs. ticketed, does having a minimum price set by the venue
  • Promotion - Where do Twitter/TikTok fit in compared to traditional flyering and building an audience through word of mouth
  • The mental impact of doing the same show in the same place for a month and constantly monitoring ticket sales
  • The change in the Fringe over time and if the rising costs of putting on a show will discourage them from a 2023 appearance

My Guests are:

Cerys Bradley - Talking about their show Sportsperson, Cerys' website is here and is @HashtagCerys on Twitter and is part of weekly comedy Newsletter Sunday Dreadful

Joz Norris - There's loads of details about Joz's show Blink on his website including how it was created (you can also get tickets to see it), we also discuss his Radio 4 Comedy 'The Dream Factory' and is @JozNorris on Twitter

Stuart Goldsmith - Stu talks about just doing a week at Edinburgh this year and the different view of the fringe when doing a shorter run of a work in progress (that can be seen in 2023 at the Leicester Comedy Festival). Stu is also host of the 'Comedian's Comedian' podcast and is on Twitter @comcompod