Jan. 24, 2023

James Cridland - Making Money From Podcasting

James Cridland - Making Money From Podcasting

This episodes guest is James Cridland, James is Editor of Podnews, a daily Podcast and Newsletter about the world of Podcasting.

In the episode we talk about a range of subjects around podcasting and monetisation including:



Subscriptions - Apple/Spotify/Patreon

How to ask for money - e.g., Buy Me a Coffee and how countries differ in terms of the culture of asking for money for your creative work


Microtransactions in Podcasting including the Fountain App

Podcasting 2.0 - Chapters, Transcripts and more

AI in podcasting - Speechify and Veritone

James is also co-host (along with Sam Sethi) of Podnews Weekly Review which is a more in-depth look at podcasting with guests from throughout the industry.

James also has a blog on Medium discussing Technology, Data and more