April 23, 2023

Comedy Producer - Gina Lyons

Comedy Producer - Gina Lyons
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This episode is with Comedy producer Gina Lyons - this was a great chat encompassing the varied aspects of Gina’s career to date, from getting in to the industry via a reality TV show (Get Me A Producer), working with a huge range of comedians on live shows including Kate Barron and Adam Rowe and scripted series across all areas from Network TV to Online (In My Skin/Breeders/Dreaming Whilst Black).

We talk about working with writers developing ideas at various stages of the process from creation to getting the final version on screen, advice for anyone who wants to work in scripted comedy.

Our chat is bookended talking about Gina’s appearance on the Drunk Women Solving Crime podcast where she talks about experiences she’s had which ended up all over the internet and might one day become a feature film. https://shows.acast.com/drunkwomen/episodes/189-gina-lyons-bludgeoning-actually

Gina on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GinaLyons

We also discuss her work as director on Kate Barron's show 'Losing Myself' which is soon to be a special on Next Up Comedy https://nextupcomedy.com/