Feb. 13, 2023

Chapters in Podcast - It's a clip show!

Chapters in Podcast - It's a clip show!
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Chapters and Chapter art are a great way of adding extra context to a podcast or direct listeners to a specific part and what better way to show that with some clips from previous guests on Making Creativity Pay.

I know it's a huge ask of someone's time to listen to an hour long podcast of someone they've not listened to before and that can put someone off before they've even started. Good chapters and show notes can help encourage someone to take a leap of faith.

These chapters are quick snippets of each episode, there's a ton more great discussion in each full episode.

If you're listening via Apple Podcasts, the chapter art and individual chapters will be visible if you scroll down beyond the show notes, on Spotify, the timestamps will link to that point in the episode.

(00:00) Welcome to Making Creativity Pay

This episode serves two purposes, it’s an introduction to some of the people I’ve spoken to so far and also an example of what can be done using chapters within podcasting.

(00:39) Stuart Goldsmith - Comedian's Comedian

First guest up for the podcast was comedian Stuart Goldsmith who discussed how monetising his podcast developed. Stu's upcoming online special I Need You Alive is on 23rd Feb at https://www.moment.co/stuartgoldsmith

(01:41) Matt Curtis - Pellicle

Matt Curtis runs a beer, wine and travel related online magazine and podcast called Pellicle. Matt talked about the ethos of the site being free to view for everyone with a 'Pay if you Can' message so nobody misses out but gets across the point that without income there is no site. Lots of great content on there, not least this love letter to Scampi Fries https://www.pelliclemag.com/home/2023/1/16/the-anatomy-of-scampi-fries

(04:03) Mark Steadman - Origin FM

Mark Steadman - founder at podcasting company Origin.fm we discussed the value of Putting the effort in to your podcast for the future not just the immediate listener. Check out Mark's newsletter The Big Minute which every week picks a new podcast and details what makes it stand out https://thebigminute.com/

(06:55) Sophie Cross - Freelancer Magazine

With Sophie Cross Founder and Editor of Freelancer magazine talked about why she set up a print magazine in an increasingly digital world. The magazine is now entering it's third year and is available at https://www.freelancermagazine.co.uk/

(08:03) Joz Norris - Edinburgh Fringe Posters

I’ve also spoken to a number of comedian’s about the economics of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, one of which was Joz Norris and the clip describes about how they tried to convey ethos of their Edinburgh Fringe show and encourage people to attend from just a poster. Find out more about Joz at https://www.joznorris.co.uk/

(09:30) Cerys Bradley - A Month at Edinburgh

On the same episode as Joz, I spoke To Cerys Bradley and they talked about why Edinburgh is different to other festivals and how performing the show daily improves it but that having to do a full month is maybe not the optimal way of doing things. https://www.cerysbradley.com/

(10:52) Suchandrika Chakrabarti - Show Marketing

On a separate episode I spoke to comedian Suchandrika Chakribati about the balance between Online vs Traditional marketing for getting people in to shows and how its becoming increasingly digital. https://vaultfestival.com/events/suchandrika-chakrabarti-reunion-afterparty-work-in-progress/  

(12:58) James Cridland - Sustainable Creativity in Podcasting

I’ve also spoken to James Cridland, Editor of Podnews about the potential improvements and opportunities in podcasting from Chapters and Transcriptions through to microtransactions and subscriptions. https://podnews.net/