Aug. 18, 2022

Fringe Q&A - Suchandrika Chakrabarti

Fringe Q&A - Suchandrika Chakrabarti

What’s the show name and what’s it about?
Suchandrika Chakrabarti, I Miss Amy Winehouse (debut comedy hour)

It’s 11 years since Amy Winehouse died. Suchandrika is a fan who partied the 2000s away in Camden, but never got to meet her musical hero. She’ll take you back in time to put that right. Brush up on your favourite Amy Winehouse trivia because there will be quizzes!

Number of years previously visited the Fringe (as a performer and as a visitor), what do you think is the main difference compared with other Festivals or general gigging? 

3 years: the main difference compared with other festivals is that you can never hope to see even a third of everything; at Fringe itself, time becomes meaningless very quickly; and you learn how to avoid the most mountainous regions of Edinburgh asap because there are only so many times you can call for a helicopter rescue
Given the costs of putting on a show, was there any hesitation in doing it?

Yes, but the show was ready and I've written my second one now, I'd been saving up for a while and I'm still doing freelance work while I'm here

Which venue and how big is the capacity, was that a straightforward decision, do you think you've pushed yourself or been over-cautious and was the up-front cost an issue in your decision?

Paradise in the Vault, The Annexe (45-seater): cost was a major part of my decision, as well as availability after two years of acts were rolled over in venues, plus it's a gorgeous room with the best, most comfy upholstered seats in Edinburgh

Was deciding on ticket price a 'gut-feel', researched or off the cuff decision?

Research + a little 'gut-feel'

What's your main promotional strategy, are you likely to use more 'old-school' methods (flyers/dragging people off the street) and is there much focus on social media promotion?

I'm on at 12:15pm, and I think people are checking their phones in bed then, so I do some social before the show, and I'm trying out different flyering strategies in the afternoon, but, ultimately, it looks like getting the right kind of press is the best strategy (I made it onto Trisha Goddard's Talk TV show, but I'm not sure Fringe fans were watching - still, counting that as a win)
One act (other than yourself) that you'd recommend to everyone

Drunk Women Solving Crime (it's a live podcast, so I think the three of them together now count as an act)

Who are you most looking forward to see?

Trusty Hogs live podcast, Carr Crash: Father/Daughter Comedy and the baby who cried in Matt Forde's show

How far either side of your show do you block out to focus? Is the second your show's done it's out of your mind and you're off to see someone else perform?

Yeah, I'm fairly chill on either side of my show, it's impossible to block out time when you're at the Fringe, really; there will be stressful tech probs right before you go on, you have to eat when you can and a good cure for a bad show is going to see something else, so... 

You can catch Suchandrika's show 12.15pm each day, tickets: and find her on Twitter