Aug. 5, 2022

Fringe Q&A Aaron Simmonds

Fringe Q&A Aaron Simmonds

What’s the show name and what’s it about?

Hot Wheels: I got given a nickname that made me have an identity crisis about my disability so solving that whilst having anecdotes about having sex in disabled toilets. 

Number of years previously visited the Fringe (as a performer and as a visitor), what do you think is the main difference compared with other Festivals or general gigging?

I have gone to the fringe every year since 2014 (except '20 and '21) gigging more and more every year. Main difference is that Edinburgh is 80% uphill. It's like an Escher painting. 

Given the costs of putting on a show, was there any hesitation in doing it?

Yes and no, I knew I wanted to do it. I didn't know how I was going to pay for it, so I said and assumed I'd be able to find a way of funding it. Adding the cost of Edinburgh made me hungrier for success. And food. 

Which venue and how big is the capacity, was that a straightforward decision, as it's the eve of the Fringe do you think you've pushed yourself or been over-cautious?

I'm in bunker 3 in the Pleasance courtyard. Seats 48. Pretty straightforward, I'm very happy with it. It was more the logistics around everything else that required more consideration. I don't think I can be accused of being overly cautious about anything to be honest, but I'm glad I went for it. 

Was deciding on ticket price a 'gut-feel', researched or off the cuff decision? 

That was 100% my agent’s decision. Consider that buck passed. 

What's your main promotional strategy, are you likely to use more 'old-school' methods (flyers/dragging people off the street) and is there much focus on social media promotion?

If it were up to me, it'd be all old school, I don't like social media and I can't wait for the day that I can bin it. But I'm a realist, you need to do it at least a little bit. 

One act that you'd recommend to everyone

Katie Pritchard. I challenge anyone to leave that show (Disco Ball) not smiling. 

Who are you most looking forward to see?

Josh Pugh (show link), we don't often get to work together but he's fantastic and a nice boy as well.

How far either side of your show do you block out to focus e.g., can you have a 3 course meal then turn up 5 minutes later and do your show? Is the second your show's done it's out of your mind and you're off to see someone else perform?

So it's slightly different this year as I'm doing multiple shows, ideally I would spend 10/15 minutes before the show just going over what I'm going to say. But that's only at the beginning of the festival, by the second week you know the show so well that you can do it with very little prep time.

Aaron is performing at 3.20pm at The Pleasance Courtyard, tickets here: